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Executive Women International (EWI) brings together key individuals from diverse businesses for the purpose of; promoting member firms, enhancing personal and professional development, and encouraging community involvement.


Our Mission

For over 70 years, EWI has been a leader in business networking through member representatives. We are a powerful organization for entrepreneurs, business executives, and industry leaders. The Knoxville chapter now moves into a new phase of EWI - one that is young, fresh, bright and representative of the full spectrum of ideas that empower the workplace, drive business forward, and connect us together.

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Thousand Dollars Raised

Giving back to communities to enable them to reach their goals.



Years Serving communities

EWI of Knoxville has been a member organization since 1988.



Members Impacted

A group of individuals who inspire and lead each other to not just better their community but themselves as well.


Our Events

The ability to read is a powerful tool and essential to the future success of today’s youth. Over the years, EWI’s Reading Rally events have promoted literacy in thousands of communities across the nation. Reading Rally events enrich the lives of each person and child involved by forging friendships and making a difference.

EWI understands that education opens the door to opportunity. EWI funds and awards hundreds of scholarships each year to support students who invest in their future through education. Scholarships are open to high school students as well as adults in a transitional period in their life such as single parents or displaced workers.

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Get Involved

EWI of Knoxville is always looking to grow not just our membership but also what impact we have on the community. Come to one of our meetings to meet with the members or give back at one of our great events.


Become a Member

Come check out if we’re the right fit for you at one of our meetings.


Charity Events

From golf tournaments to auctions were have a variety of events throughout the year.