Leadership Conference and Annual Meeting (LCAM) 2019

This past week myself and Jean had the pleasure of attending this year’s LCAM in Milwaukee and I wanted to take a quick moment to fill you all in.

What is LCAM

LCAM is EWI’s leadership conference where all the chapters the come together to be able to network and learn best practices from each other. In addition, attendees get the chance to participate in leadership classes. It’s a great conference and I hope that next year we can have even more chapter members attend.

Things to check out

Have you created your account on the corporate website? Growth Member Zone. All members need to go in and update their information. This is a wonderful resource for everyone and I really want us all to be using this as much as possible.

In addition, corporate will be launching various communities on the site that will enable all of us to connect with each other and other chapters on an even deeper level. I have just been added as a beta tester so as I get a chance to play around I will be updating everyone.

Conference Breakdown


In the morning several members of different chapters participated in the Corporate Reading Rally. It was a wonderful event where EWI members got to read to young children and donated a tremendous amount of books.

Next there was the leadership breakout where our incoming president Felicia discussed her vision and how she was going to help the chapters achieve their goals.

Finally in the evening we had a sash competition and exchanged pins by playing a bingo game. Checkout our sash in the pictures below!


Our keynote speaker was Karen McCullough where she discussed how to Lead and Succeed in a Multigenerational world. This day was where we did an all day leadership class. Jean and I both chose to attend the class Lessons in Leadership: How to Lead, Motivate, and Influence Others to Take Action. This class was taught by the wonderful Lori Giovannoni. We got to take a quiz to learn what our presentation style was and I learned that my primary style is to influence. So I like to try and motivate people and be open about my thoughts.

Jean graduated from Academy of Leadership (AOL). You have to attend four LCAM’s to achieve this. Congratulations Jean!

In the evening we had a Luau where we played EWI trivia, danced and even did the Limbo. I discovered that I am not limber at all. Haha!


Today we got to have different discussions on different program and fundraising ideas. We got to hear from Honolulu and Houston and the different things that they do to raise money. We really have a lot to learn from them! Honolulu on average is able to donate $24,000 a year and Houston donated over $80,000 in scholarships this past year. A truly amazing accomplishment!

We got to participate in a wonderful team building event where the Drum Cafe taught us all how to play different drums and chants and how even with different instruments we can all get to a place where we are linked and helping each other achieve a common goal.

In the evening, we did our annual Tennessee Chapters dinner. This is where all four chapters in Tennessee get together and hangout. It was so great to get to meet everyone and get to talk about different chapter practices and ideas.


As the conference is rapping up we had our annual meeting this morning. Here we voted on the corporate budget, installed our 2019-2020 corporate board and got a wonderfully inspirational speech from Felicia.

I am so thankful to have gone to this conference and I cannot wait to try and implement what I learned to bring our chapter to a new level.