New Beginnings

2019-2020 Kickoff

I am so excited to be starting my year as President of EWI of Knoxville. I know we have had a little bit of a rough year but with the renewed vigor we all have displayed, I am sure this year will be our best yet.

At the board retreat, the board walked through our mission and goals going into this coming year. We are going to go back to basics.


To reinvigorate our current members by focusing on fostering relationships not just with the members themselves but with the community as a whole. We will focus our efforts on increasing communication both to members and the public as well as developing engaging programs that bring us in front of those within the community.


  1. Increase communication

  2. Move work to digital tools

  3. Increase awareness in community


Board Retreat Summary

In addition to this year’s mission statement and goals we reviewed each board member’s responsibilities and the new digital tools the board will use to reduce email drag and encourage open communication between each of us. We also brainstormed different program ideas and what kind of events we might want to make our Summer Soiree and Holiday party. Because one of our goals this year is increased awareness within the community, many of our events will be targeted at achieving this.


  • The biggest change is that there will be no fundraising. We’re going to give ourselves a break!

  • Board meetings will be in person and as conference calls from 8:30 - 9:30 the second Tuesday of every month. Refer to your chapter calendar to see which meetings are which.

  • Excluding the Summer Soiree and Holiday party, none of the other meetings will have a fee. Because of this we are instituting a no show fee of $25.

  • The website will become your major resource! All of the chapter happenings and information will be here at your fingertips.




Kristine Kauerz